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Do you own a daily deals site, and sure it’s going to be the next big thing! Well, we know that you want to offer the best online shopping deals to get attention. But, how your online venture will standout amid the most popular daily deal sites?

With so many successful businesses benefited from offering online coupons and deal news, there are some companies which proved to be disastrous. The reason behind was their inability to manage the deal news and responses after offering the best online shopping deals.

Luckily, this article can help you learn from the most common mistakes that many online bargain sites do.  Here are the top three mistakes to avoid when running your own online deals website:

Limit the Number of Deals

Being online deals website’s owner, you need to put a limit on the amount of deals you’re offering. A well-known hair salon became too much in demand because of their best deal they came up with – $99 half-day spa treatment. Within 24-hours, 5,000 customers purchased this best shopping deal but there was no way possible for them to deliver the purchased treatments. They were cast out of business and owner put blame on the daily deals site by exceeding the maximum limit of 1,300.

Similarly, a house-cleaning service provider in Aspen also complained about the deal company running useless deals. This is because discounted deals were stopping them to make more money and to prove them worthwhile.

Offer Limited Vouchers

Never allow customers to purchase more than one voucher. Another mistake that some online deal websites do is they allow visitors to buy more than one voucher. This can defeat the purpose for restaurant or storeowners who’re looking to turn people into customers. In addition, many coupon users come back with the same used coupon repeatedly though it is only limited for one-per-family. Therefore, the software of your daily deals website should print coupons in a way that limits the printing of coupons only once.

Moreover, many merchants also complain about people who come up with photocopied coupons. Hence, make clear and discuss with dealers about fake coupons and counsel them to be alert for those who might be circulating such counterfeit coupons.

Stop Advertising Bogus Coupons

We know that there is a surge of fake coupons out there in market. Yet, as coupon sites owner, you need to do everything in your power to prevent bogus coupons off your website. Be reliable.  Coupons should be ethically and legally sourced. Avoid accepting coupons from anywhere as most of deal sites do.